Tilt - Tonneau - Towing Covers


Tilt covers, also known as a Tonneau cover, reach from the windscreen to the back of the boat. These are best used when the boat is moored or when out of the water. They are easy to fit and provide an efficient means of keeping the inside of the boat clean and dry, whilst maintaining a low wind resistance and preventing passers-by looking into your boat.

Tilt covers/Tonneau covers are not really suitable for towing as they may allow the wind to get under them. If you regularly tow your boat to and from the water, then we recommend a full-over cover. These completely cover the boat from bow to stern. They are tied down with rope and are excellent for winter storage while on dry land. All covers are available in a choice of fabrics and fittings in a range of colours. They are individually tailored to your boat ensuring a perfect fit. All edges and stress points are reinforced, giving you a cover that will last for many years.

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